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Couples' Golf - Pick Your Poison

Time: 4:30 PM Shotgun

Format: 2 Person Scramble. Before each hole, each player has a choice to make before teeing off. They can choose to have a mulligan for the hole, or move up a tee box (men will move up from the white to the gold tees, women will move up from the gold to the start of the fairway – on 3 to the drop area).  Mulligans can’t be carried over to another hole.  Each team must use two drives from each player.

Handicap: The handicap of each team is determined by taking 35% of the low handicap and 15% of the high handicap, then dividing by two.

Entry Fee: $30/Couple

Tees: All men will play the white tees, all women will play the gold tees.

Later Event: May 11
Mount Vernon Preview